Oracle Linux 8 CentOS 7
Nessus 10.7.2 10.7.2
Security Center 6.3.0-52 6.3.0-52
Web App Scanning 2.17.1-1348 2.17.1-1348
Nessus Network Manager 6.3.1 6.3.1
SensorProxy 1.0.9-00 Not Available
OT Security 3.18.51-151.1 3.18.51-249.1
OT Security Enterprise Manager 3.18.51-151.1 3.18.51-249.1
OT Security Sensor 3.18.51-68.TC.ol8 3.18.51-68

CentOS 7 will be reaching end of support (EOS) on 06/30/2024. As such, Tenable will also be ceasing support for all CentOS 7 based Core images & packages. Moving forward Tenable urges customers to use our Oracle Linux 8 based Tenable Core images & packages to ensure that you are leveraging supported solutions.

Tenable Core systems will generally receive new versions of Tenable Nessus approximately one week after the public GA date.